Monday, April 11, 2011

Why I Hate Lamar Odom

Many of you follow me on twitter. Many of you have been asking, "Slim, what's your beef with Lamar Odom?" This is not an easy answer, because I hate the guy on so many levels.

Alright Lamar, you're at bat and Slim is pitching.

First pitch, he's on the Lakers. Strike one.
Second pitch, he's a dirty player and a whiner. Strike two.
Third pitch, he's a total fucking retard. I have seen down syndrome animals with more wit than this walking box of rocks. Strike three.

You're out!

I had been consistently calling this dude out for a few months straight via twitter. Some would say this is cowardly, but how else am I going to reach out and touch a guy like that? I'd cut my own dick off and write a love letter with the blood to his beastly wife before I ever went to a Laker game, free or not. After a little bit of ribbing and calling dude out on his bullshit, my titter account was suspended for 2 days, because of "harassment". First thing I did when I got my account back on was try to call out the 2 people that I imagined would have enough pull/reson to get me shutdown for those few days.

Donnie Wahlberg or Lamar Odom.

Now, Donnie was in New Kids On The Block, but he's not that much of a pussy that he'd cry to twitter about my comments at him. I commend you Donnie, you're a real man.

Upon trying to contact Lamar, I realized I was totally blocked from him. What a bunch of bullshit. in the previous week, Lamar had tried to solicit the help of his "twitter fam" to vote him on the all star team. Lamar, I know your stats this year... Go fuck yourself. After Lamar refused to tell the world his stats... his wife @Khloekardashian tweeted at me in his defense. Seriously bro? I know you're wife is pretty masculine, but really you need her to fight your battles?

Just another example of the dude's straight stupidity which the main reason I can't stand him. Someone done fucked up when they put him on Team USA. I don't feel that he is a worth representation of Americans. No wonder the rest of the world hates us. They see Americans like that and judge us. It's unfortunate.

I gathered a few clips of our friend Lamar. I hope you enjoy.

One of my favorites, but it also encompasses everything about Lamar and everything I absolutely hate about him. As you can see, Karl Landry owns him with a monster dunk. No big deal, right? Landry is a monster and could slam on even the most elite of defenders... but it's not just that... Lamar makes no attempt to actually block the dunk. Instead he goes straight for the dirty foul and smacks our hero in the face. Best part about this, not only does old boy, Lamar commit the foul, but he immediately cries to the refs. Face it, dickface, you just got slammed on and ain't shit you can do about it, loser.
Watch this one and keep in mind that Russell Westbrook is only 6'3". C'mon, Lamar, you're 6'10"... shamed.
And this is the epitome of Lamar Odom... getting swatted, then trying to play dirty by trying to check ol' Ray. Then getting handled on his way down... god this dude makes me sick.

And here is an array of different ways Odumb has been owned. Enjoy.

Tony Allen serving. Odom eating.
Jason Richardson giving. Lamar receiving (and going for the dirty foul)
K.G. don't want none of that shit.
Annnnd. Birdman damn sure don't want none of that! Out of here!

-Slim, telling the truth no matter what the cost.

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